Trans Software Solutions(Software Division of KELNET), has conducted business since 2000. We have a lot of experience in helping customers become more efficient through information technology. We are skilled at analyzing business needs and working with our customers regarding information technology decisions. We excel in designing and developing custom websites as well as custom software that can't be purchased off the shelf.
Trans Software Solutions, has done a significant amount of custom desktop application development. See our Portfolio for some examples of the work we've done. We specialize in creating applications that you cannot buy off the shelf...or suggesting applications that you can buy off the shelf if you really don't need to pay for custom development.
Insufficient attention to Quality Assurance and Testing results in:

Lost revenue through product returns Costly rework to fix defects Future projects being delayed while current products are fixed lost credibility returns Costly rework to fix defects Future projects being
The internet has become our playground. And if you're enjoying what you do, you're not working but playing. As all small business grows, so as its features, products and services. Having an attractive and functional website is crucial to any business
Dr.Bennet Abraham